God Always Listens

Listening is a very important part of communication. It is nice to have good verbal skills, but that’s not half as important as being a good listener. Paul reproved the Corinthians because when they all spoke in tongues at the same time, no one was edified (See 1 Corinthians 14). It created a big confusion because no listening took place.
I believe that a big reason why there is so much confusion in our world is because people don’t listen to one another. For some reason, we don’t value and respect one another enough to listen to a differing thought or opinion. We allow pride to rob us of the very thing that may help us.
I recently experienced this very thing. I had to go into the hospital for treatment of an overactive thyroid. After finding out what the problem was, my primary physician consulted a doctor specializing in thyroid treatment. After talking about the options, we decided to give me medication to bring the thyroid level down. After a week of taking the drug, I started to experience severe stomach pains. I was admitted to the hospital, but all of the tests were negative. I told the doctor that the medication was making me sick, but he wouldn’t listen to me. He kept right on giving me the medication, and I kept right on throwing up and hurting.
When my doctor and all his consultants couldn’t find anything, they sent in a psychiatrist who told me that my whole problem was stress and that they planned on moving me to a psychiatric ward. At that point I got fed up and went off on them.
Let me give you some advice. When your doctor comes in and tells you that he thinks you are crazy, it’s time to get another doctor. Do not accept what the doctor says if you know it’s not true. If a doctor tells you that your family is making you sick, and he has never interviewed them and refuses to even meet your husband, do like I did, and put them out of your room.
Listen, whenever you have a doctor who refuses to listen to your concerns, get rid of him. I dealt with that situation for three weeks. When I was discharged from the hospital, I was just as sick as I was when I went in. I had to go home on 24-hour IV feedings and lug around a backpack to carry the fluid bag. I was totally unable to care for my baby, or function normally.
Finally, through an act of God’s sovereign grace, I was readmitted to the hospital. But because I was to undergo some testing, I could not have anything by mouth, including my medication. After 24 hours without the medication, I started feeling better. I could drink fluids without vomiting. The doctors found out that what I had been telling them was true; "The medicine is making me sick". If they had listened to me from the start, I would never have had to deal with all the complications.
I am so glad that God is not like my doctors were. He always listens to us when we talk to Him. He identifies with our concerns, and never makes light of what say. He is never too busy to answer questions, and He is always willing to comfort you.
And out of all the mistakes I have made, all of the foolish questions I have asked Him, all of the misunderstandings and repeat lessons I had to learn, I can truly say, He has never called me crazy.
The eyes of the Lord are upon the righteous, and His ears are open (He is listening) unto their cry Psalms 34:15.
By: Lindia Brown