Getting Down To Business With God

If you draw nigh to God, he will draw nigh to you. Those who seek God daily will find him. His love is limitless, yet he desires love in return.
He is, in fact, a jealous God who does not and will not tolerate anyone desiring something more than Him. We can’t surrender our lives to ungodly living and seek God when trouble comes. He doesn’t work in that manner. An individual must be desirous of God at all times, good and bad.
The Bible is filled with individuals who sought God and found him. David, who knew the heart of God, can attest to the fact if you seek the Lord out of a pure heart, you will find him to be a present help in trouble. Not much different from you and I with regard to his physical state, this prophet’s life is a testament to the select ability of our God.
Because he sought after God, David was chosen over his more qualified brothers to be the king of Israel. Void of protocol and principles, dirty and royally disdainful, God selected this shepherd boy who made his living caring for sheep. People, if God be for us, he is more than the world against us.
Getting down to business with God involves totally surrendering to his authority. Abraham was a perfect example. The Lord instructed Abraham to go to a land in which he knew not of. By faith, the scripture declared, Abraham sojourned into a land of promise as unto a strange country, not knowing from whence he came nor whither he was going. He simply obeyed God and it was counted to him for righteous.
Our God is a God of promise. The blessings that he promised Abraham are still be enjoyed by this generation. We are Abraham’s seed and heirs to the promise. We are enjoying abundance because of a promise God made to this faithful patriarch.
Believing what God says and living according to his instructions are the keys to getting answers to life’s many problems. As I watch the daily news and sit down to read the newspaper, I am appalled at the many individuals who turn to other means in search of answers. Many try drugs, incest, violence, and hatred to solve what they consider as problems.
A startling revelation I discovered was that a large majority of these individuals come from wealthy, affluent families. This reality leads me to understand that sin doesn’t discriminate. These are the people who suppose to "have it all." Obviously, they don’t have what they need.
Embedded within every individual is the desire for wholeness; to feel complete. While their desire may be honorable, the methods they pursue in an effort to fulfill their dreams are wrong, harmful and even fatal at times. We will fail every time we attempt to find joy outside of Christ. Wholeness and fulfillment comes solely from Him. He is the healer of all of our hurts, and the supplier of not some, but all of our needs.
Noah, a preacher of righteous, is proof positive that obeying God’s voice will save you and your entire house. Following the commands given to him by God, he moved with fear and prepared an ark for the saving of his house. His entire family was spared because of his obedience.
There are great benefits to serving God and getting down to business with Him. Often times, God will ask us to do something that we don’t understand, but we must not hesitate to do it while trusting him to bring victory.
We will not always know what to do next, but through prayer and constant fellowship, God will direct our paths. The bible is filled with accounts of men and women obeying God’s voice and achieving victory. We reap in due season if we faint not. This simply means we cannot afford to faint or give up while on this journey. God must be the only sovereign one. He, alone, rules and is the avenger of all.
Our world has become a battleground because we are taking vengeance upon ourselves. Our prisons are overcrowded because earthly revenge equals long prison terms. God is the righteous judge, capable of exact obedience.
We win in life by getting down to business with God, and allowing him to direct our steps. He has a plan to give us hope and a future. How much more can we ask for?
By Naomi J. Brown