1. The Gospel Warriors Ministries Inc. belong to God. It was founded by Edmund Brown, but Edmund and Lindia Brown do not own it. The work done through Gospel Warriors Ministries are to glorify God, its true founder and owner. Anything owned by GWM belong to God and not to Edmund and Lindia Brown. The GWM has its own identity, goals and personality. As President and founder, Edmund is accountable to God, the Board of Directors, and o all those who are ministered to through this ministry. Edmund and Lindia Brown are not working for pay, neither are they building egos, a legacy, a personal interest foundation,or any such thing. We are fellow servants working for the Kingdom of God.
  2. We hope and trust that if God helps people through this ministry, then He will move those people to support us. We may have in place ways in which individuals may contribute (i.e... tithing, partnering), however we will not scratch and claw for contributions, or use manipulative, disrespectful or dishonest means to raise funds or meet obligations. If God does not send or ceases to send the support we need, this work will end.
  3. We believe that the organization's handling of its financial is directly related to its integrity in other areas of life. Prosperity tests integrity more than adversity. We have set limits in the way we solicit contributions and in the way we use our funds. In addition to bi-annual review and approval by the Board of Directors, the basic guidelines we use are as follows:
  • We ask that people support us only after they have met their financial obligations to their local church.
  • We will not operate this ministry from a deficit. We believe that as we pursue God's will, He will supply our need without the presence of financial woes.
  • We have devoted our available time and creative energy to this ministry. God had approved this work, therefore our success is according to His measure and our obedience to Him. If God closes the door to this ministry, we will yield to His leading. Until then, we will work.
  • We consider all contributions we receive as money sent in good faith by loving caring people. Because they have made a sacrifice for us, our obligation is to handle that money conservatively and wisely. We do not own limousines, airplanes, luxury condos, not has the ministry built any additions to our home or the home of any person working in this ministry. All contributions made into this ministry are used to support the purpose for which God called us.
  • We try our best to make any resources provided through this ministry free of charge. If at any time we must ask for a contribution for a resource, we will make the cost of the item not above the fair market value. Any contribution above the fair market value is tax deductible. The Internal Revenue Service of the United States allows donors to deduct the amount they contribute to the Gospel Warriors Ministries.
  • We will utilize funds in ministering the Word and to provide resources to help the lost and hurting. We will not raise more than we need, intend to use, or simple for the glory in money.
  • My wife Lindia and I support the ministry in tithing and giving. We are not compensated for speaking, hosting, writing, nor are our personal interests tied to ministry resources.
  • We will not sell or rent our mailing list to anyone who may be interested in soliciting to our supporters. We maintain tight security on the personal information of those on our mailing list and on those who contribute to our efforts.
  • In conclusion, Jesus Christ is the Author and finisher of out faith. He ordained and blessed this ministry. It belongs entirely to Him.
(Reference: FOF, Colo Sprgs)